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Optimized Print Services (OPS) from Konica Minolta:

Office technologies have advanced, users’ needs have changed. A lot of current printing environments are patchworks of printing, imaging and fax devices that aren’t managed or serviced to keep up with today’s business world. Konica Minolta’s Optimized Print Services (OPS) combine consulting, hardware, software implementation and workflow management in order to lower document spend.

Konica Minolta and Al Mulla Office Automation Solutions have a strong credibility in its OPS (Optimized Print Services), helping our clients in all sectors to optimize their print infrastructure. Through Konica Minolta’s OPS, the key benefits achieved include but not limited to, improved efficiency, improved productivity, increase level of security and compliance, improved cost efficiency with cost savings up to 30%, and service quality improvements.

Fleet: Right-sizing the document output fleet to actual business needs, providing optimal business process and fleet support, and establishing continuous optimisation balanced with minimal cost of ownership and environmental impact.

Process: Analysing all business-relevant document flows in order to increase productivity, to benefit from saving potentials and design, to implement and operate a solution tailor-made to meet your precise daily needs.

Finance: Offering different purchasing and leasing options as well as various contract models, and integrating existing contracts into a single transparent financial plan.

Security: Designing and implementing IT and information security solutions, from user authentication and data-safe hard disk handling of disposed devices to complex network security requirements.

Green: Supporting a company’s sustainability goals by implementing the most environmentally friendly document-related hardware and business work-flow through the subsequent monitoring and assessment of environmental performance throughout the lifecycle.

The OPS concept focuses on the following essential areas:

  • Optimization: Our consultant would conduct a detailed assessment on your existing print infrastructure to identify the challenges and design the future solutions to achieve the key benefits mentioned.
  • Efficiency: Post optimization, printing services equipped with latest technology i.e, pull printing technology and workflow automation, enables users to print smarter and increase efficiency.
  • Security: We have the best in class security which is ISO 15408 EAL 3 certified (highest in the industry) that gives you peace of mind in terms of security. Our experts recommend best practices for our OPS customers including implementation of Authentication, IP security & IP filtering, Encryptions, logs and tracking, to ensure full compliance to your IT infrastructure.
  • Mobility: Internet of Things (IoT) empowers and enable a mobile workspace that potentially remove geographical barriers and employees can work anytime, anywhere using any platform.

The OPS concept is based on a three-pillared approach: Consult, Implement and Manage.

Konica Minolta Optimised Print Services

Capture: Software-based identification of existing print assets, precise monitoring of the current utilisation patterns and printing volumes. User interviews to detect specific document workflows, individual needs and service-level demands.

Analyse: Precise TCO calculation with benchmarking against average market costs. Detailed analysis of needed and recommended print services to meet document-based business process requirements.

Optimise: Designing a print environment that fits each organisation’s business needs through analytics and visualisation via comprehensive floor plans.

OPS technology enabled photocopiers, production printing solutions and multifunction devices