Hitachi IH-110

Specification for Note Counting Machine

    1. Two pocket machine (1 counter + 1 reject).
    2.  Mix denomination counting and total result
    3.  Denomination sorting and making bundle from one denomination.
    4. Mix currency counting and providing total value of each currency.
    5. Auto currency detection without changing machine buttons.
    6.  Displaying denomination counting
    7. Can be programmed up to 80 currencies. (optional )
      • Dual CIS detect both sides of banknote
      • UV detection
      • Counterfeit detection by:
      • IR detection
      • MG detection
      • Ultra sonic detection
    8. 4.3 Inch touch screen.
    9. Easy use and operation.
    10. Dual user mode.
    11. Optional connection to (computer – thermal printer – external display)
    12. Optional USD serial number reading.
    13.  Made in Korea
    14. One year warranty includes spare parts.
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