GFS-100 Series – Banknote Counter

Glory’s GFS-100 Series banknote counters help you drive down operational processing times with superior levels of authentication. Scanning banknotes at the highest possible resolution levels, the GFS-100 gives your bank tellers the best front line defence against forgery and counterfeits. The GFS-100 offers reliable and durable performance minimising downtime so you can keep serving your customers consistently.

CAPACITY: Hopper: 300 notes Stacker: 200 Reject: 20
COUNT SPEED: 650–900 notes/min
DIMENSIONS: 300mm × 330mm × 325mm
WEIGHT: 13kg


  • Bank teller counter applications, with a high level of banknote authentication
  • Dust protection when processing older notes with the automatic shutter
  • Helps improve the productivity of tellers


  • Noise and dust proof shutter
  • Dual operator mode
  • Easy access to note transport path


  • Safe and comfortable operation for the your tellers
  • Enables enhanced productivity as the device can be shared between two tellers
  • Ensures quick and easy maintenance and simple recovery of jams, with minimal downtime
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