GFS-220 Series

Efficiency savings and reduced cash processing costs remain critical business drivers and key performance indicators for most cash handling organisations today, whether a bank branch, cash center, foreign exchange bureau, retailer or casino. Glory’s GFS-220 banknote counter improves operational efficiency with superior speed, fitness analysis, and authentication. Multi-currency value count, detailed counterfeit analysis, and optical character recognition are all available features. Local presentation of banknote information on a large touchscreen display, plus remote access for data capture and system update provides an enterprise-ready solution. Designed for organisations looking to deploy an affordable yet powerful sorting solution, the GFS-220 can revolutionise desktop cash handling in small, medium and large cash processing environments. Processes which were once only achievable on large sorting systems are now possible in front line tasks.



  • Hopper: 500 notes (extension 1000 notes)
  • Stacker: 200 notes
  • Reject: 100 notes

303mm × 347mm × 316mm (height with hopper guide: 362mm)


  • Piece counting: 1,300 notes per minute
  • Value counting: 1,200 notes per minute
  • Fitness: 1,000 notes per minute
  • OCR: 1,000 notes per minute


  • Best-in-class authentication for bank teller counter applications
  • Applications where accuracy, reliability and user experience are the foremost requirements
  • Organisations looking to deploy an affordable yet powerful sorting solution,


  • GFS-220 can process up to 40 different currencies – all at the same time, on the same device.
  • GFS-220 can count, sort, authenticate, fitness check and record banknote serial numbers; all in one device.
  • GFS-220 continuously counts, sorts and authenticates banknotes, while rejecting suspect and unwanted notes to a separate reject pocket.


  • The ideal solution for countries where multiple currencies are used and customer deposits need to be verified quickly and efficiently.
  • There is no need for a separate PC to record the data gathered.
  • This means that there’s no need to stop processing notes and efficiency is greatly improved.
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