Ntegra™ Compact – Banknote Counter

The Ntegra Compact is a highly reliable, small and portable banknote counting solution designed to specifically address your teller’s banknote counting challenges. It will eliminate repetitive manual cash counting and authentication so your tellers can focus more on their customers. It fits the footprint of a traditional single pocket banknote counter, making it a space-saving, light and ergonomic solution for your busy tellers.



Feeder = 500 notes

Stacker = 200 notes

Reject = 50 notes

700-1000 notes per minute
273mm x 269mm x 284mm
Dual (optional)


  • As a replacement to traditional single pocket banknote counters; comparable in footprint and size
  • Eliminate manual banknote processing to improve teller efficiency
  • Automate banknote authentication procedures


  • Count and authenticate notes at speeds of up to 1000 notes per minute
  • Compact size and footprint
  • Offers a wide range of operational modes including authentication and denomination sorting


  • Unprecedented efficiency savings through continuous and uninterrupted use
  • Can be used in applications where space is a primary consideration
  • Assists organisations meet the demands of dealing with an increasing number and complexity of counterfeit notes
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